Friday, June 7

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7.30 Breakfast in the restaurant
8.00 Registration


Life Changing Experience

Moderator: Fabienne Roossien

8.30 The ED Experience -Preparing Your Patient …and Yourself
Joe Nemeth
8.55 Abstracts attack: the 3 best abstracts
9.25 Mental Fitness for Medical Professionals
Egbert Mulder
10.10 Announcement winner abstracts
10.15 Coffee break & visit exhibits


Schik in Syncope

Moderator: Niek Roossien


‘What did the doctor say?’, patient education in the ED

Moderator: Anna Ooms

10.45 Vóór de SEH: Wegwijs met Wegrakingen
Gert van Dijk

How often do we send patients home with the advice to ‘Just take some paracetamol’?
And more important, how many of them can recall this advice correctly?

Is recall of patient information different between patients themselves and parents of sick or injured children? And what about recall of more complicated discharge instructions, like those for patients with a concussion? Giving discharge instructions in the ED is challenging.
Can we improve recall by providing written or audio-visual information? What is the best way to improve correct recall?
How do patients themselves search for information online? And what do patients actually want to know while they are in the ED?

We will give the answers to all these questions during the PATIENT EDUCATION symposium!

Amber Hoek, Pleunie Rood, Susanne Anker, Marank de Steenwinkel, Juanita Haagsma, Michelle Vellinga


Op de SEH: Syncope met Spoed

Suzanne Peeters
11.20 Op de SEH: Het hart op de goede plaats
Frederik de Lange
11.40 Op de SEH: Syncope en longembolie: de kans schoon zien
Suzanne Peeters
12.00 Na de SEH: Blinde vlek of inzicht?
Frederik de Lange
12.15 Lunch & visit exhibits


Trauma beyond repair

Moderator: Naomi Petersen


Suffering, comfort and healing, challenges in EM?

Moderator: Niek Roossien

13.15 Clinical Reasoning in Trauma Resuscitation: An Oxymoron?
Joe Nemeth
The Effect of Virtual Reality in Pediatrics
Robin Eijlers
13.35 Physician staffed HEMS, blessing or curse
Fabian Kooij
13.40 Brandwonden op de SEH: geen paniek, zo moeilijk is het niet!
Kim Gardien
14.05 Nieuwe landelijke richtlijn: rontgendiagnostiek in traumapatienten
Erik Dol

Wat als je ziekenhuis failliet gaat?
Esther Hiemstra en Inge Doodeman

14.20 Sedation in the emergency department is like cooking – some recipes
Christian Hohenstein
14.35 LEF
Heleen Lameijer


Moderator: Grietje Jelsma

14.50 Pediatric Trauma Care in 2019 – My Three Wishes
Joe Nemeth
15.20 Closing ceremony
15.30 End of program

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